CDC Company

CDC is a state of the art Data Centre colocation provider delivering world class enterprise facilities and services.

Since its creation, CDC has built two data centre campuses consisting of four independent data centre buildings to support our client’s growing needs and demand.

CDC is based out of Canberra in the ACT and is now the largest owner and operator of data centre capacity in Australia.

CDC History

CDC completed its first data centre in 2009. Since then CDC has expanded with Hume adding additional capacity resulting in the development of Hume 2 and 3. The Fyshwick campus commenced operation in January 2014 with Fyshwick 2 currently in the final stages of design with construction expected to be completed mid 2017.

CDC facilities are designed, constructed, owned and operated by CDC. CDC’s data centres deliver energy efficiencies, environmentally friendly outcomes and complex layers of physical and electronic security, to meet the high Commonwealth Government standards.